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Kelli published this zine into the early 00s as well. It is mostly known now as That Girl, at least that's how later issues were named. Kelli seemed to change the name every issue or so in the 90s. There was an issue named That Grrrl as well. This entry should perhaps reflect that. And That Girl already has a page, there isn't anything on it yet though. [Sarah 19 March 2009 4:13pm EDT]

That's good to know. You should put up whatever info you have! I only ever had the one issue I scanned, and even on that issue the name was different in two places. On the front cover it was "That Girrl" and on the back "That Grrrl". I decided to go with what was on the cover of the issue I had, so the name of the article wouldn't be different than the name on the cover. Do you think we should move the article and list it under "That Girl", if that's how the zine is widely known? InvisibleFriend 23:13, 19 March 2009 (UTC)