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Alan, thank you for creating such a wonderful resource. I'm going to help spread the word, as I'd like to see this site continue to grow. I will plug it in the next issue of MungBeing.

Just a note: for several years my name has been presented artistically, professionally, as "jody franklin" rather than "Jody Franklin." I understand that WikiMedia has technical restrictions that don't allow articles to begin with lower case letters, but if there's a way around this, I'd like to have my name displayed all lower case, as it is normally.

Here's the Wikipedia explanation of the technical restrictions:

Here's a sample article that notes the technical restriction:

- jody

Hey Jody, sorry for the confusion on that then. I've moved the article back to jody franklin which once again capitalized the first name, but I also added in the lowercase template to make browsers aware of the issue. Thanks for the kind words and the contributions! Alan Fall of Autumn 09:08, 24 September 2006 (EDT)