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Steven Hughes Purkey co-edits, co-writes, co-publishes, co-creates, co-habitates with & is co-dependent opon his lovelyface 2tails waggle waggle shimmy shimmy cocopuff co-conspirator & bionic superwoman of all things kitschy witchy & downright gorgeypie, c'est Ms. Deirdree Prudence...shackled together at the heartstrings, they spin the yarns of fate & magick under the name of MC Sunflower Jones. It's all about the zines & shit with these two cuckoo-headed heathens...& love love love! Steven loves Deirdree. And he tries his damnedest to make her proud with each word he types & every piece of paper he snips. It's true, fanzine fanatics, love does trump all...& there's really no use in fighting. <3



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