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Stellarian is a science fiction fanzine by Tom Daniel.

The first issue of Stellarian was published in 1944. Included in the 20 pages of this issue is an article by Larry Shaw (Leprechaun, Science*Fiction) on Style Sheets for Fanzines, also a fiction piece by Leslie Croutch (Light) called "The Flute", and the fan fiction article, "The Pioneers of Fiction", with famous fans such as Forrest J Ackerman (Voice of the Imagi-Nation, Novacious), Ray Palmer, Frank Robinson, Claude Degler,Phil Bronson (The Fantasite, Scienti-Comics ), Art Joquel (Specula, Sun Trails, FMZ Digest), and Walt Daugherty (Shangri L'Affaires).

The Futurian War Digest #25, of June 1944, mentions Daniel, "Two of the latest American fans to be drafted are Tom Daniel…" This may have signaled the end of Daniel's publishing efforts, since no other issues of Stellarian were released.