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Spill The Zines is an online resource for information about British zines. The blog publishes bi-weekly news posts, monthly British zine reviews, and sporadic articles about British zine culture. Founded in March 2011, Spill the Zines features the voices of British zinesters and zine enthusiasts who write about the aspects of zine culture that they're passionate about.


  • Editor: Catherine Elms

Cath is a feminist zinester, writer, musician and activist based in Swansea, South Wales. Her interest is mainly in perzines written by women and genderqueer people, feminist zines, and using zines as tools for activism/social justice. She writes feminist perzine Here. In My Head, and edits feminist compzine Pandora Press. Find out more about her on her blog. http://blatantblithe.wordpress.com/

  • Writer: Hannah W, author of Not Lonely zine
  • Writer: Caitlin Beth Gwynn, author of Sympathy for the Strawberry zine
  • Writer: Emma Jane Falconer, author of Fanzine ynfytyn
  • Writer: Fliss, author of Athemaura zine and editor of 'SW Zines'
  • Writer: Louise Viner, author of Tempest in a Teacup zine
  • Writer: Lizzy Goddard, owner of Marching stars distro

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