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Someone Stranger is a zine created by Zippity Zinedra of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Zippity Zinedra is a Non-Binary, Queer identified zinester, writer and artist.

After 4.5 issues, the title of the zine Different Shades Of Normal was changed to Someone Stranger. It's released as issue number five.

The fifth issue of Someone Stranger (entitled "The Silent Pen Issue") came out as a short-story, fiction zine. It's written mostly tongue in cheek while somewhat poking fun at ghost writers in general. "Would folks reading the zine be able to tell a ghost writer is in the seat? Or would they be completely oblivious to it? Not being able to notice the difference and consider the entire idea preposterous?" Except for the foreword and bio, the zine features Zippity Zinedra's earlier writing from 2005. While the short stories are ludicrous, far-fetching and completely out there, the zine steps back from any serious topic. Even though it's not stated in the zine, there is an actual ghost writer penning the stories: the writer before their nervous/mental breakdown and the writer before coming out as non-binary. It could even be said the ghost writer is a ghost of their former selves. They left this information from being mentioned in the zine strictly because they wanted the zine to remain lighthearted and playful.

Zippity Zinedra's zines are typed with an electric typewriter and include cut and paste art.



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