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About Smirking Tiger and Michael Treat

[Michael Treat] of [Smirking Tiger] is a multifaceted visual artist and author and illustrator of the zine series ["My F-Ed Up Apartment Building, An American Memoir of Low-Rent Housing."] He is originally from Oklahoma City, but grew up in St Paul and currently lives and works in the Longfellow neighborhood of south Minneapolis. Michael’s artwork spans a variety of mediums including comic art zines, ink wash painting, upcycled jewelry and mixed metal cuff bracelets. Michael appreciates duality and ironic conflict in art.


Current Projects

Michael’s current projects include a series of ink wash cityscape paintings, a compendium of his series of zines entitled [“My F-Ed Up Apartment Building: An American Memoir of Low-Rent Housing”] and an upcoming graphic novel on his experiences working as a corrections officer at a women’s prison.




Find Smirking Tiger Online

Here are a few ways to keep track of what Michael is doing: