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Shayne McCormack is an Australian fanzine publisher, artist, writer and organizer.

Shayne McCormack's first fanzine was Terran Times. It was published in Bass Hill, New South Wales, Australia, and was devoted to the original Star Trek television series and the subsequent movies. It is acknowledged to be the first fanzine devoted to Star Trek published in Australia. The fanzine was published from December 1969 to July 1972, with five issues being produced in that time. The first issue was published by Shayne McCormack and Sabina Heggie. "D.U.S.K." stood for "Down Under Space Kooks", a group mobilized to protest the cancellation of Star Trek in 1969. A special issue, published in 1980, celebrated the arrival of Star Trek: The Motion Picture in Australia.

McCormack's next title, Wombat, was co-edited with Ron Clarke, publisher of The Mentor, Ark, and Cold Cuts. The first issue was released in May 1971. At least four issues appeared. Issue 3 was the Australian poetry issue of Wombat.

McCormack also published Something Else in the 1970s. Issue 3, from 1974, included a Torcon II trip report.

A Touch of the Irish is a 43-page play based on the television series Blake's 7,written by Narrelle Harris (Inconsequential Parallax) and Shayne McCormack. It was originally published together with Chronicles #15 and then reprinted by R & S Publications based in Faulconbridge, NSW, Australia.

Shayne McCormack…"became an active member of the Sydney Science Fiction Foundation and helped organise Syncon '72." Fancyclopedia says also, "For some years she was manager of Galaxy Bookshop (owned by the Abbey's bookstores) in downtown Sydney, which became a destination for fans."