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Shallow End was a science fiction fanzine by Judith Hanna, Eve Harvey, Roy Macinski, Janice Maule, and Pam Wells.

Seven issues were released from the UK. The first issue, published in November 1982, was numbered "0". The next issue appeared in February 1983; the second issue, but really the 3rd, was released in May 1985; the 3rd but really the 4th, appeared in July 1985; the 4th, actually the 5th, was released in September 1985; the 5th, but really the 6th, in February 1984; and the final issue, numbered the 6th, actually the 7th, was published in April 1984.

Rob Hanson, in his book on Fandom, Then, writes of Shallow End: "Probably the most unusual fanzine to make its first appearence in 1983, however, was SHALLOW END (Janice Maule, Eve Harvey, Pam Wells, and Judith Hanna) which, as its name implies, was set up for the benefit of fannish newcomers, and was full of information and 'how to' tips and the like designed to ease their passage into fandom. It was also intended as a philosophical rival to TWP, a place for both male and female newcomers to find their feet where TWP, SHALLOW END's founders felt, unfairly catered only for the latter. How much it actually accomplished is difficult to gauge, and its ability to meet its aims was treated with much skepticism by established fans, but it soldiered on for a year..." (TWP stands for the APA "The Women's Periodical").

Contributions included "A Furtive Taste for Fanzines" from issue 0 and "Pondering Eve Pondering Pondering a Kenzine", from issue 5, by Dave Langford (Ansible).

In the 1980s, Judith Hanna also co-published Fuck The Tories with Valma Brown, Leigh Edmonds, Terry Hughes, and Joseph Nicholas.

Eve Harvey was one of the editors of Vector, and also published Wallbanger throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Pam Wells also published Nutz in the 1980s. She co-edited the one shot fanzine Six Shooter, with Jeanne Gomoll and Linda Krawecke, released in 1987. She was also one of the co-editors of Pulp, along with Vince Clarke, Avedon Carol, Rob Hansen, and John Harvey, from 1986 to 1991. As well, she teamed up with Jeanne Gomoll and Lucy Huntzinger to create Sisters in order to promote her candidacy for the Trans-Atlantic Fan Funds. The fanzine apparently worked, as Pam won the fund and attended the 1991 Worldcon in Chicago. She later went on to co-edit, with Michael Abbott, and John Dallman, the fanzine Attitude from 1994 till 1997.