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Reglar Wiglar is a zine created in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., by Chris Auman and Tom Ziegler, and has been published in some form since 1993.

The zine was originally intended to satirize the alternative and grunge music boom of the early to mid 1990s. Ziegler continued to contribute to the zine but ceased being a co-publisher after the second issue. After publishing fake reviews with fictitious bands and made-up record reviews, the zine began featuring real reviews with bands, comics artists and assorted individuals involved in underground culture. The zine was distributed for free in Chicago but eventually got distribution through Desert Moon Periodicals and Tower Magazines. The zine ceased print publication in 2006, but continues as a blog and website. In 2014, Auman resumed published a print version of the zine. The first three issues documented his work history up to that point. As always, the zine feature comics and humorous, satirical articles. The 25th print issue, published in 2018, celebrates the zine's 25 year history by including an article reprint from each of the original 21 issue print run.