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Plünkie is a zine from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Plünkie is an art zine and is made of a lot of found material. Most of the zine's layout is done by hand in a cut and tape manner, and features art by various contributors which is integrated with this old-school method of zine-making.

Plünkie doesn't espouse any political views, does not accept poetry as written contributions, as is loathe to publish anything about music. Currently there are three issues:

1 - July 2006 - "Birthed from A Bird Who Swam In The Stomach Acid Of A Platypus" 20 pages B/W 165 printed, more printed upon request

2 - December 2006 - "Lymph Nodes 'r' Fer Sissies" 24 pages B/W 215 printed, more printed upon request

3 - June 2007 - "For The People Who Just Don't Care" 40 pages B/W 215 printed. current issue.

4 - New Issue planed for release November 2007 - "STILL FREE! (working title)" 2000 copies planned with companion CD insert with 20 tracks from 20 different artists from around the world.

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