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PORK is a free quarterly newsprint zine based in Portland, Oregon.

PORK is a large-format, free magazine produced by GOBLINKO. The focus is Rock & Roll, Weirdo Art & Bad Ideas. PORK is edited by Sean "Goblin" Aaberg . PORK is named after Andy Warhol's play by the same name, which starred Wayne/Jayne County and has been said to have kicked off the Glam, Glitter & ultimately Punk scenes. PORK is rooted in sleazy Americana as exemplified by New York City in 1970.

PORK has come under fire for "offensive content" on numerous occasions and has been banned from Voodoo Doughnuts, Bishop's Barbershop and Amoeba Music, Hollywood.


PORK Magazine POBOX 90296 PORKLAND OR 97290 U$A

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