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otherXcore zine is a semi-Fresno-centric zine by SXR. Issue #1 was released in September 2010 and issue #2 was printed about a year later, in the summer of 2011. otherXcore was intended to be a collaborative effort between a number of artists, writers, and musicians in California's Central Valley but has become more of a perzine. The zine is usually handwritten and printed in black and white. It is generally 1/2 size.

otherXcore press

otherXcore press is a publishing outlet also created by SXR. otherXcore press publishes otherXcore and a number of one-offs and is intended to be a resource for other zinesters in the Central Valley area. The zines published by otherXcore generally feature topics such as feminism, LGBTQ rights, the Central Valley, and natural health.

Zines published by otherXcore press

  • otherXcore zine
    • otherXcore #1 by SXR, September 2010
    • otherXcore#2 by SXR, June 2011
  • An Introduction to the Bel-Tower by SXR, November 2010
  • Health Matters! by SXR, March 2011
  • Confronting Beauty Standards by SXR, May 2011
  • An Introduction to the Bel-Tower (revised) by SXR, May 2011
  • Unfun (a 24 Hour Jawbreaker Fanzine) by SXR, July 2011