Ordet är pomfritt! (Sweden)

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Ordet är pomfritt?

It is a pun of and old proverb "The word is free!" (eg. the floor is open in english) where fried potatoes (pomfritt) meet the democratic right to speak after an opinion has just been submitted. One is seen as a solution and the other as a problem and when it is useful to the useless, a kind of conflict is created. It is in the irony around that conflict that the thoughts of the void that arises around this workshop.

The idea is to make a pamphlet-workshop (pamphlet sounds like pomfritt) with a number of simple collaborative fictional and/or poetic texts. We produce the originals directly as we type in typewriters, and the idea is based on a very short interval between incidence and estimates.

After the desired time or length, the existing text and machine are passed on to the next person (or so the people rotate) who read through and write down the same predetermined theme as just that story has received. When the text is finished, it is read through by all and using scissors, tippex and more. then a final proofreading and correction will be made.

A text can reach several text writers several times and it is allowed to write anything from thoughts you have about the already written text, enter your text and then write down what you said in spoken language, visual interpretation of videos with cute animals and so on. You can also layout the text creatively directly into the machine if desired (turn and turn the paper, make ascii, etc.). Time is your only counterpart when the actual work seminar has a beginning and an end. Of course, you can prepare yourself by including parts of texts that you want to integrate. Perhaps even a meditation image may be a theme to any of the texts.

Of course, the text also needs an illustration and even there we help in any opener forms and maybe one image per person and story for it to work properly on time.

Read last years issue of the pamphlet: Ordet är pomfritt! (2017).pdf

Homepage in Swedish: Ordet är pomfritt!