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Obscene, No. 1

Obscene (August 1995-2009) was an A5, photocopied punk rock hardcore zine published on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The zine featured ' anything B-grade, from 80's Glam Metal to Masked Mexican Wrestling, punk rock to bad movies.

Contact: Adam Obscene - obscene@obscene.com.au


  • No. 16 (2001): contained articles such as 'How I survived a weekedn with a muscle car' and 'Life can be dangerous' by Dani Danger, 'The seedy and sleazy world of Gris Hounder' by Gav H., 'ICQ wankers', an interview with Swampass and Fez Perez, 'Betty Page: pin up super star', 'Mr Russ Meyer', 'What was supposed to be an interview with Warped' and ended up being an article on someone being beaten up, 'History of fetish photography' and 'The Obscene hangover hall of fame'.

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