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Issue 5 July 1985
Cover art by Jim Barker
Caption: "Beat it, Buster! Big Pam controls the 'zines this side 'a town!"

Nutz is a science fiction fanzine by Pam Wells.

Seven issues of Nutz were published from 1983 till 1988 via mimeograph in London, England, in the 1980s.

Issue 3, from April 1985, featured Chapter 2 of Rob Hansen's "On the TAFF Trail: First Contact".

Issue #4 is dated May, 1985. Front cover art by Dave Collins; back cover by Rob Hansen (Epsilon, Chuch, Pulp). Contents include Pam’s editorial, which introduces the issue’s theme of “education”: “The Great Beetle Bug Craze” by Judith Hanna (Fuck The Tories); “How Long a Lifeline” by Sue Thomason, “Pedagogy is Good For You” by Martyn Taylor, “Educating Geoffwey” by Maureen Porter, “Classroom Culture Club” by Ian Sorenson and “Summer School Blues” by Paul Vincent.

Issue #5 is dated July, 1985. It is 46 pages. Front cover art by Jim Barker; back cover by Dave Collins; interior art by Collins.Contents include Pam’s editorial, “Memory Vaults Take Two” by Anne Hamill Warren, “Soft Loudness” by Peter Smith, “I Came Upon A Child Of God” by Paul Kincaid (Vector), “My Date With A 44-Year-Old Hairdresser From Surbiton” by Michael Ashley (Saliromania); “The Power of Perversions or The Perversion of Power” by Jonathan Dergwerk, “The Pros and Cons of Picnicking” by Wells, “Friends and other Strangers” by Alex Stewart, and “Yorcon??? Don’tcha Just Love It?!?!?!” by Glenda Slagg. The letter column, “Nutz to You,” includes correspondence from Michael Ashley, Pamela Boal, Terry Carr (Lighthouse), Ros Calverley, Chuck Connor (Thingumybob), Mat Coward, Rob Gregg, Margaret Hall, Chuck Harris, Malcolm Hodkin, Bernard Leak, Darroll Pardoe (Les Spinge), Eunice Pearson (Calaban), Dave Swinden, and Sue Thomason.

Issue #6 appeared in the summer of 1986. Front cover art and all interior illustration by Arthur Thomson. Contents include Pam's editorial, "Flip Side" by Chuck Harris, "Them Gladtime Gossiping Glasgow Gals," by Wells, "Moving Moments" by Chris Bailey, and a plug for the 1987 Worldcon Conspiracy. "Nutz to You," includes correspondence from Linda Blanchard (Egoboodle), Brian Earl Brown, Ken Brown, rich brown (Focal Point), Sharee Carton, Chuck Connor, Tony Cvetko, Margaret Hall, Alun Harries, Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Izzard), Joy Hibbert, Joseph Nicholas (Fuck The Tories), Darroll Pardoe and Martyn Taylor.

Issue 7, from October 1988, featured contributions of writing from Steve Stilles, among others.

Previously in the 1980s, Pam Wells had co-published Shallow End with Judith Hanna (Fuck The Tories), Eve Harvey (Wallbanger), Roy Macinski, and Janice Maule from November 1982 to Spring 1984. Pam Wells was also one of the co-editors of Pulp, along with Vince Clarke, Avedon Carol, Rob Hansen, and John Harvey, from 1986 to 1991; and in 1987, had published Six Shooter with Jeanne Gomoll and Linda Krawecke. In the 1990s she published Attitude with Michael Abbott, and John Dallman. Attitude won the Nova Award for Best Fanzine in 1995.

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