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Nowhere Fan
Issue 3 March 2015
Cover art by Steve Stiles

Nowhere Fan is a personal science fiction fanzine by Christina Lake.

First published in May 2013 for Corflu XXX convention in Portland Oregon, U.S.A., the first issue of Nowhere Fan is a personal zine written mainly by Christina Lake from the UK.

Issue 2 was released in November 2013. Contributions of writing for this issue included "The Carhullan Army, Science Fiction and Me", by Doug Bell (Head), "If that was Nine Worlds, will the next one have Ten?" by Lilian Edwards (Floss!, Gloss), and "Is SF fandom utopian?", "The Ever Expanding Bristolcon Experience"and "And it all started with a big bang!" by editor Lake. Letters came from Pat Charnock (Raucous Caucus), Steve Green, Jerry Kaufman (Littlebrook), Murray Moore (Aztec Blue, Old Toys), and Lloyd Penney (Torus).

Issue 3 appeared in March 2015, and featured a front cover by Steve Stiles. Contributions of writing included "The Testament of Jessie Lamb: Some Thoughts", by Sue Thomason and "Karuna. Karuna. Huxley’s Mindful Island", and "Convention Roundup" by editor Lake. Letters arrived from Gregory Benford (Void), Jerry Burnett, Jerry Kaufman, Murray Moore, Lloyd Penney, Sue Thomason, Gary Wilkinson, and Wolf von Witting.

Issue 4 was published November 2017. It featured a front cover by Doug Bell, and interior illustrations by Brad Foster. Contributions of writing include "Europe in Translation", and "The Road to Helsinki", by editor Lake. Letters were from Randy Byers (Chunga), Brad Foster, Murray Moore, Joseph Nicholas (Fuck The Tories), John Nielsen-Hall, Lloyd Penney, Steve Stiles, and Sue Thomason.

Christina Lake has also published the fanzines Head with Doug Bell, and This Never Happens with Lilian Edwards.

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