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Nothing Ryhmes is a perzine by Chelsea Gunn, who also runs love life! distro (the link is listed below.)

Nothing Rhymes is created using a cut and paste technique with a stencilled cover. Filled with nature drawings colored in, this typewritten zine by Chelsea Gunn explores her past and present as a tattooed college student contemplating library school. Gunn enjoys crafting and reading, and writes about her own experience with alcohol as juxtaposed with the memoir Smashed: Memories of a Drunken Girlhood. As the issues continue it centers around the author's job at a library, living in Pittsburgh and creating public art.


  • #4 focuses on moving to Rhode Island, loving life, what it means to be a girl and a person, how to bind books, and what zines she's been reading lately.
  • #5 focuses on the death of her beloved cat, Bearadactyl, and changing her schedule to begin waking up early every morning. The zine is quarter sized and also cut and paste with vintage photographs. It has a vellum cover and blue string stab binding.

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