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North West Zine Fest (NWZF) is an event in the North-West of England, founded in 2015 by Salford Zine Library.



The first Fest was at The Star And Garter in Manchester on the 30th of May. They hosted 30+ zinesters, four workshops, and a pop up Salford Zine Library.

Stallholders were: Animated Review, Henry Press, Apples to zines, Cool Schmool Zines, Buy Her Candy, Steve Larder, Shape & Situate zine, your pretty face is going straight to hell / Vampire Sushi Distro, Fanzine Ynfytyn & Being Editors, catalog01, Kim Searle, After-Effect & others, Rob Jackson Comics, Emily Chappell, Bi Community News, Silvia Carrus, Becky Kidner, The Common Swings, Will Be Betrayed, LED semantics, Brunez, Miss Heather Comics, Emily Tulett, Will Tapply, KRJ, BCN, Stef Bradley, Nous Magazine, Sugar Paper, Cross Words Zines, Shape Of My Heart, Jenna Lee Alldread, Sprout Publications, The Fancy Island, Chella Quint, A Thousand Strangers, Ellipsis, and 2nd Hand Zine

Workshops were Getting Started with Making Zines with Emma Falconer, Feminist zine making with Queen of the Track + The Chapess zine, and A Fat Activist Show and Tell with Kirsty of Hard Femme/Make It Work zines.


NWZF 2016.jpg
Their second event in 2016 was held at Islington Mill in Salford on June 18th. The 40 zinesters who tabled were:

Cool Schmool Zines, Turntup, Will Be Betrayed/Opinionated Nobody, Fault and Fracture, Highgreen Dawn, First Time/Conversation With Strangers/S(PACE), The Mancunian Way, Illustrated Women in History, Adventures in Menstruating, Fan Club Notts, Shape & Situate/Colouring Outside The Lines, Pen Fight distro, Planswers, The Selfish Dream, Chisel Tip zine and Post-Culture distro, The Screever Zine, Footprint distro, Apples to Zines, Silvia Carrus, Naïf Press, Bi Community News, Black Lodge Press, Kitty Collector zines, Kim Searle, Spaghetti Zine, SuZines, Rum Lad, Love You Like A Sister, Sugar Paper, Resist Psychic Death!, 3 Paw Press, Stirred Press, One Way Ticket to Cubesville, About a Girl/In the Year of the Rabbit, Today, The hysterical girls guide to self harm scars and stigma and I am, I am, I am, 2nd Hand Zine/Memory Card Zine, Nails Emoji, The Chapess

Workshops were Monoprinting Workshop with Kim Searle, music Zines run by Olivia from the Young People’s Music Project, and drop in zine-making and badge-making with pen fight distro and and Synchronise Witches Press.

There was also a zine readings from Chris Clavin (Captain Chaos/Ghost Mice/Plan-It-X Records/ Operation: Cliff Clavin) followed by open-mic zine readings.

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