No Condoms, No Piece!

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No Condoms, No Piece!
February 2013

No Condoms, No Piece! Why Condoms Should Be Mandatory In Pornography, published February, 2013, is a one-issue zine by Kari Tervo, publishing as Harmonica.

No Condoms, No Piece! was released in California, U.S.A. It is 12 pages in a half-size format. It has a blue cover and black-and-white content.

The zine explores the controversial issue of whether condoms should be required in pornographic filmmaking. Harmonica argues in favor of that requirement from a public health perspective, asking the questions, "Why would free speech ever trump public health? Why won't porn producers change their procedures if using condoms would be so detrimental to performer health? And does 'personal choice' really exist in condom-less porn?" The flaws of the STD testing system are defined, and profit is identified as the driving force behind anti-condom arguments. A light tone and humor make this serious topic accessible to a wide audience.

The title is a parody of the Civil Rights slogan, "No Justice, No Peace!" The double entendre "Piece" both recalls the justice slogan and represents the common slang term for a sexual partner, "piece of ass."

Bookstores Carrying No Condoms, No Piece!

Chicago: Quimby's

Tacoma, Washington: The Nearsighted Narwhal

Libraries Carrying No Condoms, No Piece!

Bend, OR: Bend Zine Library

New York: Barnard College Library (in association, also available via Columbia University Libraries)

Providence, RI: Brown University, Sarah Doyle Women's Center