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Nina N is a zine maker from Belgium.

Nina N started making zines in 2001, such as the series Flapper Gathering and currently Same heartbeats and several one-off zines, 24-hour-zines and mini-zines. Same Heartbeats #9 is a split zine with Artificial Womb by Ana Hine. Nina sometimes writes under the pen names Zina or NinaZina. To publish her zines, she started the project Echo, which also used to release compilation tapes and split tapes.

Nina N's zines focus on feminism, personal stories, zines and self-publishing, travelling, documenting DIY culture, crafts, (mental) health, and activism. Her zines include essays, drawings, collages, comics, maps, and interviews. Her stuffed bunny Chainsaw Bunny started making regular appearances in her zines since 2013. Nina's zines are part of Riot Grrrl, anarchist and feminist communities.

Nina has given zine workshops in several cities in Belgium and The Netherlands and organises zine events in Ghent and Brussels. Since 2014 she organises irregular 24 hour zine sessions together with other zinesters based in Belgium such as Meeni Levi.

Because she wanted more information on and networking/collaboration of feminist zinesters and zine projects in Europe, Nina compiled a list of zine projects based in Europe on her blog in 2015 and founded the Feminist Zines Europe facebook group.

In 2016-2017 Nina conducted research on zines, perzines, zinesters' motivations for self-publishing on paper, and feminist activism. Her results were published in two gender studies journals: Tijdschrift Voor Genderstudies and Digest. In 2008 she was part of a panel in Salzburg (Austria) on feminist zines where she presented an animation film on the importance of community for zinesters. In 2018 she appeared in a panel for the podcast Bloed Aan De Muur on radical books and zines in ACU in Utrecht (The Netherlands).


  • Punk Feminist Mini-Zine
  • Flapper Gathering #1-6
  • Ladies' Room
  • Radix
  • Same heartbeats #1-13 (ongoing)
  • Coma To Action
  • Echotopia
  • Scissors and chainsaws
  • Why I like zines (mini-zine)
  • Make Your Very Own Zine (mini-zine)
  • Hoe Maak Je Een Zine (mini-zine)
  • Fais ton propre fanzine (mini-zine)
  • CuNt & Paste
  • Space Invasion
  • Letter Soup
  • In Movement
  • Feminist Activist (mini-zine)
  • From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls
  • Dirty Lesbian
  • Do it yourself care (mini-zine)
  • Guitarrr # 1-2(mini-zine)
  • Chainsaw Bunny Hates Everyone (mini-zine)

Collaborative Zines

  • Riot Not Diet
  • DIY or DIE
  • Ladies' Room
  • Be All You Can Be
  • De Tweede Sekse Op Papier Blogzine
  • Where We Belong
  • Queer My Ass
  • Ladyfest Maastricht 2017


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