Nightgaunt (France)

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Issue 1 Walpurgis 2015
Cover art by Allen Koszowski

Nightgaunt is a fanzine edited by Adam Joffrain. The contents are published in both French and English.

The word 'Nightgaunt' comes from the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft.

Nightgaunt started off as a quarterly magazine but has now switched to a more irregular schedule. The first issue is dated Walpurgis 2015. Four issues in total have been published so far and each feature ones story by a French author and one story by an English speaking author.

Contributors of fiction include Leigh Blackmore (Mantichore), Ran Cartwright, Chrystel Duchamp, Frédéric Gaillard, Chad Hensley, Adam Joffrain, Wilum Pugmire (Idiot Chaos), and Stein.

Contributors of poetry include Leigh Blackmore, Ashley Dioses, Chad Hensley, and Adam Joffrain.

Contributors of artwork include Eric Barge, Dave Felton, Nick Gucker, Kim Holm, Alice Joffrain, Olivier Jubo, Allen Koszowski, Etienne Le Roux and Michelle Souliere.

Nightgaunt is included in the apazine Esoteric Order of Dagon Mailings.

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