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Necro Neil has been the writer and editor of Necronomicon, a UK based horror fanzine, since its creation in 2001. He has written fanzines for over half of his life time, since the age of 14 in 1995.

His first fanzine was Sell Your Friends a fan magazine for the band Strangelove which lasted six issues from 1995 until 1998 which he wrote under the alias Padriff. During this time he was also a regular contributor to various other Northern UK music fanzines simply as 'Neil' and collaborated with a friend on a A3 sheet publication reviewing fanzines called Zine Machine that lasted for three issues.

Under a seperate identity ('GAN') he created a fanzine for the band dEUS called Violins and Happy Endings which also lasted six issues in the mid to late 1990s.

Neil created a few one off fanzines in the late 1990s: Cigarettes and Bambi's Bones about the UK band Delicatessen, Poopsies about the American soap opera Sunset Beach and The One Where Chandler Is Gay about the character Chandler from Friends.

In 2001 he began Necronomicon fanzine as a way of journalling his life through the horror films he watches, as of 2013 there have been 26 issues of Necronomicon.

In 2009 he printed Ribbons a collection of comics drawn during his time living in Leeds about his mental health, music and friends.

Although a prolific and compulsive fanzine maker he is known for never deviating from his stubborn old school fanzine making ways of cut and paste using photocopiers, resistance to spell check and grammar and for hand threading his staples through refusing to buy a long armed stapler.

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