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NEONS is a french zine published by Raphael Kervella, in Brest, France. Mostly dealing with brutal reality and underground culture. Regular topics include sex, violence, mental illness and antisocial mindset.


Issue I: Done between summer and autumn 2014. 32 pages in english. A5 Content: an interview with the crazy skinhead from Melbourne, Meatdog. Talking about prostitution, street walking at night, his band Gutter Gods, Legions Noires, true crime books. An article about bestiality in non-porn movies. Blackface in modern society. Collages, and much more.

Issue II: Done between winter and spring 2015. A5 Content: 'Runnin’ N Gunnin’ with Tommy Wright, III (Outlaw rapper from Memphis). 'On The Prowl' with Stephen Bessac (Kickback). Collages by Kristian Olsson ( Alfarmania). 'Let’s talk prostitution' with Annie Sprinkle (ex pornstar, and pro-prostitution feminist). Charles Gatewood presenting his Forbidden Photographs. Siboy, insane french rapper on the rise. 'Made In France : Skinhead Stories' (Interview with an early 80s french skinhead.) 'Just Another Freak In The Freak Kingdom' (article on an unstable friend of the author obsessed with missing children, painting their faces over and over). Record, zine reviews. Collages. Sleaze, filth, violence.

Issue III: Done between summer and autumn 2015, but published as a split zine with Sweden's Shocktilt in June 2016. 64 pages in english. A4 Content: Stephen Bessac « Back On The Prowl ». 'Double Gay Porn feature': Born to Raise Hell & Poing de Force. 'The Toolbox Killers' (Bittaker & Norris) and audio snuff tape transcripts. DJ Screw + collages. Shocktilt: Genocide Organ, Deviation Social, Proiekt Hat, Streitcher, Grey Wolves…

NEONS website [1]

NEONS facebook page [2]