Murder Can Be Fun Presents: Anti-Sex Tips for Teens

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Anti-Sex Tips for Teens

Murder Can Be Fun Presents: Anti-Sex Tips for Teens -- The Teenage Advice Book: 1897-1987 was an one-shot zine published by Murder Can Be Fun publisher John Marr in 1988.

The zine was published in California, U.S.A., and shares commentary and excerpts from misguided advice manuals published for adolescents, from Victorian times to the near-present.

Books used included: What a Young Man Ought to Know, by Sylvanus Stall (1897); Instead of Wild Oats, by Winfield Scott Hall (1912); Growing into Manhood, by Roy Dickerson (1945); Youth's Courtship Problems, by Alfred Murray (1940); Questions Girls Ask, by Helen Welshimer & Elizabeth O'Neil (1949); Hi There, High School, by Gay Head (1960); Billy Graham Talks to Teenagers (1969); Twixt 12 and 20, by Pat Boone (1960); Between You, Me, and the Gatepost, by Pat Boone (1960); Your Happiest Years, by Dick Clark (1959); To Goof or Not to Goof, by Dick Clark (1965); For Every Young Heart, by Connie Francis (1964); In High at Sexteen, by Carl Ekoos (1963); Young Only Once (1957); How to Get a Teenage Boy & What to do with Him when You Get Him, Ellen Peck (1969); How to be a Successful Teen-ager (1954); Facts of Life & Love for Teen-Agers (1956, 1957), Love & the Facts of Life (1969), The Art of Dating (1960, 1968), Why Wait Till Marriage? (1967, 1965) by Evelyn Millis Duvall; Dear Teenager, by Abigal Van Buren (1960); What Every Teenager Ought/Should Know, (1975-1985); and Ann Landers Talks to Teen-Agers About Sex by Ann Landers (1968).