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Mélange is a perzine by sandy, an Australian zinester.



32pp, 1/4-sized DL, b&w, released 2009. From zine page: Full of pictures, designery & words on becoming yourself as you grow up, evolving as you say goodbye to old habits. Out of print.

mélange #2: sensualist

32pp, 1/2-sized (A5), b&w, released 2010. From catalogue on Black Budgie Zines: Mélange #2: Sensualist is a beautiful and tongue-in-cheek journey through one's relationship with sustenance and alcohol. From the 5 senses of wine to anatomizing a hangover, Sandy's meditations on food and drink are both entertaining and enlightening in their exploration of what food means to us and how it connects us with each other. Out of print.

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