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Issue 1 1978
Cover photo of The Mumps by Theresa Kereakes

Lobotomy was a punk zine by Pleasant Gehman and Randy Detroit aka Randy Kaye.

Lobotomy, subtitled "The Brainless Magazine", was published Hollywood, California, U.S.A., the first issue appearing in 1978. Perhaps twenty issues were published in total, the last issue in 1981.

The chief photographer was Theresa Kereakes. Other contributors of photographs included Jules Bates, Randy Detroit, Anna Statman, and Herb Wrede, among others.

Artwork was by Brad Dunning, among others.

Contributions of writing came from Marcy Blaustein, Dennis Crosby, Randy Detroit, Brad Dunning, Scarlet Fever, Nick Garrard, Joe Katz, Pennie Jane Lane, R. McGeddon, Ann McLean, Nancy Nitro aka Nancy Nagler, Theresa Pink, Brian Tristan aka Kid Congo Powers, Anna Statman, and editor Pleasant Gehman, among others.

Interviews were with bands such as The Avengers, Black Randy, Blondie, James Chance, The Clash, The Cramps, The Damned, The Germs, The Go-Gos, Billy Idol, The Jam, Joan Jett, Lydia Lunch, The Mumps, 999, The Screamers, and X, among others.

Howie Pyro, writing for Dangerous Minds, writes about the reputation of Lobotomy; "The Xeroxed fanzine became notorious in the Hollywood punk scene from its very first issue, when Kim Fowley threatened to sue 18-year-old Pleasant over the sarcastic and derogatory comments she wrote about him. Because Pleasant couldn’t afford to re-print her ‘zine, she hitchhiked or took a bus to the various record stores that carried Lobotomy and cut out the offending paragraph with scissors!"

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