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Letterfounder is a current monthly b+w print zine crafted in Lewiston Maine since 2004, under the Answer Shirker Press studio banner. It focuses as a clearing house of sorts for whatever seems interesting that month. At times publishing a wide variety of experiemtnal poetry and images, and at others a forum for long rambling anarchic essays. 3 pages, card stock cover. most recent issue is #149 (November, 2016). As a monthly, it is physically pasted together and run off at a local copy shop. I like nonsense, cartoons, societal indictment pieces, pop-magic treatises, poetry about the real flesh of the dream. Roots are in fluxus, lettrism, dada but with an equal urge to be plainly straight forward. Always taking subs.

Write to P.O. Box 392 Lewiston, Maine 04243 USA for a copy. they are free.

platform site for contact: https://letterfounder.flavors.me

a loose online counterpart to the zine is kept here: https://letterfounder.wordpress.com/ Experimental Zine