Les 240 minutes de l'absurde

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Les 240 minutes de l'absurde is a 4-hours poetry zine project run by the Chocs et ennui collective.

Creative process

  • Writing : following the exquisite corpse process, each participant starts to write a poem, which will be completed by nine other people
  • Naming and illustrating : at the end of the writing process, each participant receives the final version of the poem they have started, then, they choose a title, and take a picture to illustrate their poem.
  • Layout : the poems and picture are gathered into a zine, using open source fonts and softwares (gimp, scribus).
  • Printing : the content of the zine are printed at the closest copy shop, but the covers are screen printed in advance by Chocs et ennui.
  • Binding : the binding of the zines is also performed by the contributors, using wool and japanese binding technique.

Event editions