Lady Teeth

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Lady Teeth is a photocopied perzine written by Taryn Hipp. In it she writes about her addiction, recovery and sobriety as well as how those topics affect her relationships and friendships. Each issue is illustrated with clipart from Craphound exclusively (not including the covers). In April 2016 issue eight was released in time for the Chicago Zine Fest where Hipp was invited to be a reader. She read a piece titled "Getting Sober & Staying Sober".

"Perzines are about vulnerability and sharing part of yourself with an audience, but Lady Teeth #7 utilizes a whole other kind of vulnerability: the kind achieved when opening up to someone you trust." - Women Write About Comics "By the time I reached the back cover, I felt like she and I had gone on a really solid road trip together because we’d had such an in-depth, varied conversation." - Bianca Barragan, LA Zine Fest