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Katarzis (Катарзис in Bulgarian) is an anarchist zine from Bulgaria. The name means catharsis in Bulgarian.

katarzis logo

Format and History

The zine Katarzis is distributed as a freesheet photocopied A5 format, usually left for free at hardcore/punk shows, parks, independent movie screenings, skateboardinging spots, hand to hand by friends etc. It covers D.I.Y. issues, activist punk/hardcore scene, animal rights, environmentalism and grassroots political actions.

It comes from the small Bulgarian town called Razgrad.

Also the people from the collective are doing the so called Free Festivals (inspired by 'Really, Really Free Market' from the USA, it's a sharing of old books, cds, zines, newspapers, clothes, skills, yoga courses and different kind of games.)

Members of Katarzis Collective have their own acoustic riot folk band called Black Cat Collective (they use acoustic quitar, flutes and sometimes other acoustic instruments). The lyrics are about environmentalism and anarchism. Other theme is animal rights issues, the members of the collective have a hard stance pro animal rights and vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

movie screening at Ecotopia Infoshop

1st issue

The first issue of Katarzis zine features contents of "Days of War, Nights of Love" by CrimethInc. such as Bulgarian translations of "Join The Resistance - Fall In Love" and "The Contents of Your Daily Life".

Download it as a doc file from here

2nd issue

The second issue of Katarzis is a direct action guide with Bulgarian translations of CrimethInc. stuff. It has information for beginners about squatting, making political stencils and graffiti, culture jamming, affinity groups, critical mass.

Download it from here and print it for yourself

3rd issue

The third issue is dedicated to the animal rights struggle and features information about factory farming and what is the animal liberation front. Also information about freeganism and how to work outside of the capitalist system.

Download it from here and print it for yourself

4th issue

The 4th issue of Katarzis is featuring reviews of the first Free Festival in Razgrad and the anti-election campaign in Sofia, article against vivisection, short writing about the commercialization of the punk scene and interview with the Bulgarian punk band Spot.

Download it from here and print it for yourself

5th issue

The 5th issue of Katarzis is discussing a big range of topics such as hitch-hiking, rethinking of anarchism, G8 summit, tips for more environment friendly daily life, review of eco protest in Sofia and interview with the Colombian anarchist hardcore band Res Gestae.

Download it from here and print it for yourself

6th issue

Issue number 6 of Katarzis zine was produced during anarcha-feminist lectures in Infocenter Ecotopia led by Alex from the German anarcha-feminist collective Erynien so the 6th issue of Katarzis is covering a couple of radical feminist topics. Also there is an interview with the punk band Strike Anywhere, information about Infocenter Ecotopia and the eco-protests in defence of Stranja mountain. Download it from here - file for reading

File for printing

Katarzis: year of resistance

Cover of Katarzis: Year of Resistance
At the end of 2007 the people involved in Katarzis collective decided to make a special edition of Katarzis zine in English (all the other issues are only in Bulgarian). The English issue of Katarzis is an anarchist journal about the things Katarzis Collective has done during 2007. Such as Free Festivals, May Day in Razgrad, the opening of Ecotopia infocenter, environmentalist protests etc.

Download it from here - file for reading

File for printing

7th issue

In January 2008 the people involved in Katarzis collective were ready with the 7th issue of Katarzis zine. It has reviews about the No Border festival in Infocenter Ecotopia with movie screenings against the borders and illegal deportation and live set by the Romanian anarcho-hardcore-punk band Pavilionul 32 and German punk band Ballet In Stiefeln, third Free Festival in Razgrad, antifascist march in Bucharest (Romania) where people from Katarzis collective were involved, post-romantic essay about living in a squatted attic and writings about free living, D.I.Y. creativity and sex.

Download it from here - file for reading

File for printing

8th issue

In the 8th issue of Katarzis there is a biography of Emma Goldman, articles and photos about skateboarding, article about the Anti-NATO days in Romania, tour diary of the acoustic punk band Black Cat Collective and an interview with the punk band The Livingdead.

Download it from here - file for reading

File for printing

9th issue

9th issue of Katarzis is focused on straight edge/drug free lifestyle as a vehical for more revolutionary approach in the struggle for freedom and creating a safe environment within the underground circles. It features articles on straight edge hardcore/punk, sober living (personal accounts on alcohol consumption) and short interviews with different activists, musicians, zinesters and hardcore kids, who are calling themselves straight edge.

Download it from here - file for reading

File for printing

External Links

contact: katarzis@riseup.net

Official Site

myspace account

interview with a member of Katarzis collective

interview with a member of Katarzis collective (German translation

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