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KarlenZine is a fanzine edited by Mary Overstreet, and published by Pendulum Press Publications.

KarlenZine is devoted to actor Jon Karlen, and the characters he has portrayed, including "Willie Loomis", his character in the television serial Dark Shadows, and "Harvey Lacey", from the television program Cagney and Lacey.

The first issue appeared in 1984. It was 92 pages, and featured work by Judith Boguslawski, Anne Marie Erental, Barbara Fister-Liltz (Knightbeat), Jean Graham, Julie Overstreet, Mary E. Overstreet, Adriana Pena (The Collinsport Chronicles), Marcy Robin (Shadowgram), Kathy Resch (The World of Dark Shadows), Beth Tignor, Virginia Waldron, and others.

Issue 2 was published in 1987, and reprinted in 1991. It was 287 pages and included work by Anne Marie Erental, Jean Graham, Janet Meehan, Mary E. Overstreet, Adriann Pena, Meghan Powell-Nivling, Marcy Robin, Kathy Resch, Bertie van Than, Virginia Waldron, Yvonne Wuchter, and others. Artwork was by art by Anne Marie Erental, Janet Meehan, and Mary E. Overstreet.

Issue 3 was 384 pages with work by N.J. Nidiffer, Mary E. Overstreet, C.E. Pilz, and others.

Issue 4 contains 12 poems and 27 stories by authors N.J. Nidiffer, Mary E. Overstreet, C.E. Pilz, and others. Artwork was by Janet Carlson and Cherie Groves.

Issue 5 appeared in 2006. Edited by C. E. Pilz & Mary Elizabeth Overstreet, it is 304 pages, and includes artwork by Cherie Groves, and Janet Carlson. Contributors of writing include E. DeJesus, Travis Fanshawe, N.J. Nidiffer, Mary E. Overstreet, and C.E. Pilz.

KarlenZine 6 features poetry by E. DeJesus and Cherie Groves; fiction by Janet Carlson, Cherie Groves, J.L. Miser, N.J. Nidiffer, and Mary E. Overstreet; and with artwork by Janet Carlson, Cherie Groves, and Mary E. Overstreet.

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