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Jeff Logan O'connor a.k.a. Jeff Junker is a fanzine publisher, author, artist from U.S.A. He is part of the 1990s Homocore fanzine publisher since 1991. zines included Gutterfag Golog: Rebel Nomad, Belligerence zine, Nowhere to be found. He has done spoken work performance at A Different Light Bookstore in San Francisco, U.S.A. on Sept 25, 1997.

He has contributed to the following Chiron Review issue #89. Xerox Revolutionaries issue 2.

He is currently has two published books Gutterfag Squat: Queer Street Punks Which is about eight queer street punks, with powers find the family they were looking for in San Francisco in the 90s. They bond over a society who doesn't accept them & a gay community which doesn't welcome them. [1]

Stay True whic came out 2018 and is about This is my first twenty five years of my life story. I have been dealing with mental & emotional health issues, & some learning ones too. To find my place in this world I've been a nomad most of my life. Confronting abuse, intolerance, & lack of open-mindedness. Come join me on my roller-coaster Journey [2]

Find more info at BroodingRant Press- Author Jeff Logan O'connor official page [3]