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Jaina A Davis (AKA Jaina Bee; pronouns: they/them) is a zinester in San Francisco, California who is best known as the editrix and publisher of Flatter!: The Journal of Oblate Puffery. Jaina also had an indie publishing project called Around & Around Productions, which produced Blue Hole #1 by Christine Shields, Sad Magazine #4 by Mary Burt, and Soft Smooth Brain; a one-shot comics zine by Bwana Spoons, as well as a 7" record by Phil Franklin and James Goode. They also ran a small mail-order zine catalogue called "Keel Haul."

Most active in the zine scene of the 1990's, Jaina tabled at the first five Alternative Press Expos (APE), co-hosted two zinester festivals in Portland with Chloe Eudaly of Reading Frenzy, helped in the early stages of developing the San Francisco Zine Fest was self-ejected from the controversial Kill Zinesters Tour, and wrote reviews for Zine World. In the 21st Century, they published "Splatter;" and "Hair Turn." Jaina also contributes to ZineWiki.