It Never Ends

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It Never Ends is a comic zine made by Dascha.

The first issue was called It Never Fucking Ends and was printed in April 2012. Due to its highly personal content this first issue was handed out only to close friends.

In December 2012 the second issue was printed with a printrun 60 copies. It contained a short comic, an interview, book and zine reviews and both personal and political articles.

The third issue was published using the name It Never Ends and can be seen as a recommencement of the whole project that came naturally with the changes Dascha encountered in her life between the second and third issue. It Never Ends featured 31 short-comics, each one drawn in July 2013. The zine contains short comics and illustrations about daily-life-stories of Dascha and her friends in the local D.I.Y.-community.

The zine is offering a quite uplifting view on life, following the attitude: "Cheer the fuck up - things are not so bad".