Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People

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Cover of Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People #34

Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People (February 2002 - ongoing) is a quartery zine published by Wellington, New Zealand based musician and zinester Bryce Galloway. The zine was initially released, according to the author, as "a vain attempt to promote a solo CD I'd recently released." Early issues of the zine surveyed local musicians and film makers, subsequently the author attempted to morph the zine to the requirements of a Masters of Fine Arts program he had enrolled in.

The author describes later issues as follows: "The zine had a checkered life as an MFA project before establishing a methodology as a personal zine. The zine has gone on to mine the embarrassing moment and diarise the minutia of my everyday life. This has seen the zine narrative traverse the belated "growing-up" of a perennial "slacker" - through post grad studies, fatherhood, getting a real job, and becoming a mortgagee. The narrative is sometimes explored through writing and illustration, at other times through cartoons. However, some issues do deviate from this rationale. For example, issue #34, sees regular people anecdote their brushes with the hugely famous. Issues 24, 34 and 50 include largely iconoclastic CDs covering the artists John Lennon, Madonna and The Eagles respectively.

In 2011 the first nine years of publication were anthologized into a single book by art books publisher Clouds. [1]


PO Box 27527, Wellington, New Zealand ( or see the online catalogue at


The zine is issued for free from various cafes, galleries and retailers in the Wellington CBD with back issues available for a small cost from the author.