I Choose My Choice

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I Choose My Choice: a zine in appreciation of reproductive rights is a one-off, anonymously-written zine about abortion. It's a 1/2-letter size, 28 page publication printed in 2006. It features the story of "a queer, white, able-bodied, middle-class grrrl in her early twenties living in a big Canadian city."

The second half of the zine is a resource guide with:

  • Reading materials
  • Resource Centres and Health Clinics
  • Options:

> DIY Gyn-ecology (Emmenogogues and Abortifactents; treating Yeast Infections) > Abortion (Procedures; Abortion clinics in Toronto; 'Day of' packing list; Questions to ask at the clinic; Pain management; Post-procedure list; What to expect afterwards)

  • Long term self-care
  • About the Fertility Awareness Method
  • Wishes for a more choice-positive culture

The zine was inspired by other feminist choice-positive zines such as the anthology Mine. It is distributed by Kitchen Sink Distro, and is available at the Toronto Women's Bookstore and L'Arterie in Montreal, Quebec.