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Issue 2 June 1978
Cover art by Bob Rodi
Hola! is a fanzine devoted to comics by Carol A. Strickland.

Hola! was devoted primarily to the character Wonder Woman, but also included X-Men, Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, Lois Lane, Spider-Woman, and Black Cat, among other comics. It was published in Fayetteville, North Carolina, U.S.A.

The first issue appeared in January 1978. It was 15 pages and featured contributions from Robert Bailey, Nancy Northcott, and the editor.

The second issue was released in June 1978. Contributions of writing came from Robert Bailey, Jon Liggett, Kay Nickell, Nancy Northcott, Chris Polk, Ron Rust, and Al Schroeder III. Cover artwork is by Rob Rodi. Contributions of interior artwork came from Kent Akselsen, Robert Bailey, Denys Howard (Women And Men), Ed Quinby, Al Schroeder III, Carol A. Strickland, and Beverly Thon. Letters were from E. Nelson Bridwell, David Smith, and Bob Rodi, among others.

Issue 3 was published in October 1978. It featured writing by John Liggett, Kat Nickell, Margaret O'Connell, Al Schroeder III, Robert J. Sodaro, Carol A. Strickland, and Jeff Thompson. Cover art is by Ed Quinby. Contributing artists included Robert Bailey, Rich Bruning, Roger Caldwell, Mark Ernst, Ed Quinby, Bob Rodi, Al Schroeder III, Carol A. Strickland, and Bob Wright. Letters came from Chris Abell, E. Nelson Bridwell, David E. Fellin, and Jack C. Harris.

The fourth, and last, issue of Hola! was published in November 1979. The writers contributing to this issue are Kathleen Glancy, Jon Liggett, Kat Nickell, Nancy Northcott, Margaret O'Connell, Chris Polk, Robert A. Rusk, Al Schroeder III, Robert Sodaro, and Carol A. Strickland. Cover art is by Rob Wright. Artists contributing to this issue are Robert Bailey, Rusty Blair, Richard Bruning, Roger Caldwell, Mike Chen, Jeff Dee, Kim Demulder, Mark Ernst, Bob Hardin, Pete Matthews, Bob McLeod, Ken Meyer, Ed Quinby, Carol A. Strickland, Dave Stucky, and Rick Taylor. Letters came from Bob Soderberg, among others.

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