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Created in January, 2013, HelloHorror is an online, literary journal/magazine focusing on the psychological aspects of horror. HelloHorror publishes a new issue every other month with no less than thirteen short-stories, poems, micro fiction pieces or articles; as well as the occasional visual art.

HelloHorror was conceptualized and created by Brent Armour. Mr. Armour serves as the journal's Editor in Chief. Ignacio Carrion, from the design firm, circaNEXT (circanext.com) serves as the magazine's Visual Editor. Mr. Carrion is also responsible for the cover design of the first four issues. Isabella Caromel and Louise Preston serve as the journal's two additional editors. Mrs. Caromel is responsible for content scheduling, and Ms. Preston is responsible for selecting the issue themes. All editors read every piece submitted and vote on its inclusion in the journal, with Mr. Armour having the tiebreaker vote.

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