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Issue 3 June 1957
Cover art by Rod MacLeod

Haemogoblin was a science fiction fanzine by Fred Smith.

Published in Glascow, Scotland, Haemogoblin was released in the 1950s. In Then, Vol. 2, Chapter 2, Rob Hanson writes, "At some point during 1953, Fred Smith of the Newlands group published HAEMOGOBLIN, the first fanzine to come out of Glasgow."

This first issue was 32 pages, and was published by the Newlands SF Club. Contributors included Matt A. Elder, Peter Hennessey, Bob Lindon, Ethel Lindsay (Scottishe), Alan Mackie, J. T. McIntosh, Ken Slater (Vector), Fred Smith, and illustrations by Brian Miller.

The second issue didn't arrive till December 1955, and was 20 pages. It was published by Fred Smith, who had inherited the title from the Newlands Club, and this time it was distributed through Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association aka OMPA 6. Contributors included Mal Ashworth (Rot), Richard Geis (Psychotic), H. P. Sanderson, and Walt Willis (Slant, Hyphen).

The third issue was released in June 1957, included in the mailing of OMPA 12. The cover art was by Rod MacLeod.

The 4th issue appeared in November 1957 and was distributed in OMPA 14 and through the Fantasy Amateur Press Association FAPA 81. Issue 5, published in May 1959, was distributed through FAPA 87.

Fred Smith later wrote the book Once There Was A Magazine..., about the pulp publication Unknown Worlds, compiled from articles he had originally written for the fanzine Banana Wings.