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Frowzy (adj., unkept beauty) is an online zine, pages made on . It focuses on themed issues, showcasing art, images, writing, and anything else a contributor or the editor creates. The purpose of creating the online zine was to attempt to broaden users' knowledge and awareness of paper zines, and also create an outlet of creativity in an alternative format, in addition to giving users a more interesting, inspiring, and artistic collection to read on Polyvore.

Frowzy is edited and founded by "Sylvie", a teenager with a passion for zines, fairness in fashion, and Twenty One Pilots.

Currently, Frowzy has 500 followers, more than 3.5k likes, and ten issues. It has inspired users to create zines; Frowzy has gone from being the first and only online zine on Polyvore, to being the first and one of many, educating many users on what exactly a zine is.

Frowzy continues to release zines roughly monthly, accepting contributions from other users.

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