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Front Cover was an anarchist zine that came out of the North of Ireland and existed from 1988 till 1996.

Inspired by the anarcho-punk DIY network, the zine also sought to distance itself from it by avoiding the usual subject matter found in most zines at the time, namely interviews with bands and music reviews. Instead the contents concentrated on radical political ideas and featured various contributers.

The zine was published by Front Cover Productions, an independent DIY publishing arm set up in Ireland in 1987 to put out material by writers, poets, artists and musicians with a social, radical or anarchist bent.

The main thrust of Front Cover was active DIY politics. The first few issues were published out of a rural anarchist collective which encouraged land use and rural collectivisation including organic food production and the use of renewable enrgy sources, although many other subjects were featured.

Front Cover went on an indefinite hiatus in 1996 although Front Cover Productions still continues to publish to this day with back2front launched in 2005 and Front Cover Records to be relaunched in 2008.

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