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Focal Point was a science fiction fanzine by rich brown and Mike McInerney; and for Volume 2 and 3, by rich brown and Arnie Katz.

Focal Point was published in New York City, New York, U.S.A., The first issue was released on January 8, 1965. It was a newszine that was published bi-weekly that covered news items and topics of interest to science fiction fans and fellow fanzine publishers. With issue 22, rich brown left the fanzine. The 23rd issue was the last of Volume 1, published in 1966.

Fanzine reviews were by Frank Wilimczyk (Paradox). Reports were by Terry Carr (Lighthouse), David Kyle, and Ted White (Null-F). News came from John Boardman, Jack Chalker, Frank Dietz (Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction), Ethel Lindsay (Scottishe), and others.

Illustrations were contributed by George Barr, Jack Gaughan, Steve Stiles, and Arthur Thomson. Lettering was by Arthur Thomson.

Letters came from Robert Bloch, Mike Deckinger, and Miriam Knight (A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Poughkeepsie) , among others

In April 1970, Focal Point was relaunched. This time rich brown was joined by Arnie Katz as co-editor, and Mike McInerney was listed as "Editor Emeritus". The Assistant Editor was Colleen Brown. It ran for 30 issues, ending in May 1971. A third volume, also edited by rich brown and Arnie Katz, lasted 5 issues, from July 1971 to July 1972.

Art work was contributed by Ross Chamberlain (Fangle), Jay Kinney (Nope!), Ray Nelson, William Rotsler, and Joe Staton.

Reports were by Greg Benford (Void). Fanzine reviews were by Arnie Katz. Essays were by John D. Berry (Egoboo), Colleen Brown, and Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons).

Letters came from Charles Burbee, Terry Carr, Bob Shaw, and John Trimble (Melange), among others.

Arnie Katz also published the fanzines FIAWOL with Joyce Worley Katz, and Four Star Extra with Joyce Katz and Bill and Charlene Kunkel in the 1970s, and Vegas Fandom Weekly in the 2000s.

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