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Flabby Dagger is a fanzine based in East London, UK, and edited by Charlie Mellors and Russell Taysom.

Issue 1 came, out in March 2011, featured interviews with Men Of Good Fortune and Homoi! as well as art by Tom Moglu, Archie Stong and Richard Johnson.

Issue 2 came out in June 2011 and features interviews with Big Barry Cook, the Dandae Kups and The Pukes, artwork by Kate Merry, JMF Casey Marc Reeves and Elizebeth Blue.

Issue 3 November 2011 features Geoff Glees,Ellie Fire, Elizebeth Blue,Samuel Bruce Longworth, Archie Stong,Radioactive Bastard, Stev Relieve, Ben Gutteridge and Gareth Postans You can find more information about Flabby Dagger on facebook at [1]