Fathers and Sons

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Sobotor, Jonathan (2014). Fathers and Sons. San Diego, CA: Little Booklets (formerly Trespass Cattle Press) // first released at SFZF 2014.

Written and laid out over two months, Fathers and Sons was published August 2014.

Feels most legit thinking of itself as a perzine. It is about 6,000 words with 10 plates distributed among 32 pages. Much of the zine contains recollections of moments in the writer's life that he associates with how he felt about his father at the time of the writing.

The art of Sarah Sze, Bruce Nauman, and Cheryl Nickel are reproduced in black and white.

It's back cover reads:

"An experiment w/ memory, philosophy, and art to solve the problem of familial love gone inert. That explodes, obverts, and heaps together metaphor, estrangement, rubber band-powered balsa wood airplanes, heroin, art that looks like a scientific model, childhood, Desert Storm trading cards, shoplifting, denial, hearing tests, class, and philosophy into a reckoning."

The text-intensive zine was drafted in longhand then input into Google Docs and later Writely. The layout and imposition were created in Adobe InDesign CC 2014 and some images were optimized in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. The first and second printings were printed directly from PDF file on a self-service copier at the FedEx Office and Print Center on Vann Ness in San Francisco. The cover is printed on French Paper Co. Construction paper line #70 text Safety Orange color. The first and second printings used Mohoawk Color Copy 98 24W Bright White for the printing of the zine's guts. The majority of the copies printed for and sold at San Francisco Zine Fest were folded and unbound. Some did have a rubber band-binding.