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Fantasy Forum is a science fiction fanzine by Helen Bradleigh.

Published in Newcastle, Indiana, U.S.A., Fantasy Forum was published in the 1940s.

Fantasy Forum was a newsletter that also published letters and excerpts from letters regarding the controversies of the day in the science fiction community, in particular dealing with the science fiction club, The Cosmic Circle.

The first issue was released February 4, 1944, and was dedicated to a letter that came from Claude Degler, regarding a multitude of fan feuds.

The second issue appeared February 27, 1944. Letters in this issue came from Fred Baker, Claude Deglar, Larry Shaw (Leprechaun, Science*Fiction), and Bob Tucker (Le Zombie).

The third issue was published June 1944. Letters came from Milt Rothman (Fantasy Fiction Telegram).

Helen Bradleigh also published one issue of the letterzine Futurian Letters.

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