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Erick Lopez is a writer and editor for Communique' zine. He resides in Norwalk, California.

Along with his long time friend, Francisco Marin, they co-founded an independent distribution label called My Dog Brownie (named after Francisco's dog). Erick also wrote a couple of perzines: Inside Looking Out and Men Are From Bars not Mars minicomic.

Inside Looking Out was originally the title of a song performed by Wide Eyed, a post-hardcore band that Erick and Francisco were in in their early high school years. Inside Looking Out came about when Erick decided to sit down and "write something for the masses" while Communique' was on hiatus during the winter of 2006. Inspired by Jennifer Swann's Mind Clutter, Inside Looking Out helped Erick relieve his emotional pain caused by continuous loss in his family. Although Inside Looking Out was not widely distributed, Erick gained respect among his fellow zinesters.

Men Are From Bars not Mars was an idea for a minicomic that Erick came up with during his tenth grade year at Norwalk High School in Comix Class. His teacher, Dean Westerfield, helped with the satiristic material that filled the minicomic. Men Are From Bars not Mars was mostly an observation of High School life as a "nobody". Using only pen, paper, and the school's Xerox Machine, Men Are From Bars not Mars was a favorite among Norwalk High School students.

Erick and Francisco also run an independent record label called Strangelight Music Recordings; mostly releasing home-made Audio Zines and music made by their bands Texas Twins and Wide Eyed. Strangelight Music devotes itself to helping other bands nearby to record and release their musical material, making a demo tape or CD-R affordable or sometimes free.



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