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Danielle Draik (D. Draik) is a multimedia artist from New York City. She is a BFA graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) with her degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Art History.


Primarily a traditional visual artist, her work commonly involves figures and the abstracting of people, identities, and realities. She works primarily with mirrors, hoping to one day print a mirror zine to go along with her paintings and sculptures.

As far as zine work goes, Draik has released four art zines: For We Are Many, a full color zine about the demon Legion, In Waking Moments, a black and white zine about identities and hypnagogic hallucinations. DIM EYE, a black and white glitch art zine about degradation in mental and physical health, and Soul Stealers/Death Figures/Transitional Beings, a red, black, and white collection of beings seen in naturally altered states.

Early Work

Her first highly regarded self-publication, Bad Comic of the NOW (2007), was collage comic about the destruction of Richard Gere's glorious kingdom by Sir Elton John by way of a burning sun made of flaky pastry. Copies of Bad Comic of the NOW were lost mysteriously, but a crack team of archivists are working with Draik, looking to restore low-quality scans to ensure the mid-2000's humor can be shared by future generations.


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