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Chip Waite is a graphic designer, zinester and musician from Sheffield, UK.

Wanting to know more about current rockabilly bands that were around in the mid 1980s, with no internet back then and the bands rarely featured in any of the music magazines of the time, Chip started his own rockabilly fanzine called Short Cuts. It ran from 1985 to 1992 and had a cut and paste design.

After Short Cuts he became a regular writer for international music magazines like Southern and Rocking and Rocket, amongst others, while in the meantime going to art college and later University studying graphic design and becoming a self employed graphic designer.

In 2015 he started Mad Music For Bad People magazine.

Chip also writes songs and plays the guitar and slap bass, noteably in the rockabilly band The Mercurys and the psychobilly band The Radiacs.



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