Chaos Runs The Family

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Chaos Runs The Family or CRTF is a zine that was first published by Zeke Pando in 2000.

Chaos Runs The Family is published out of South San Jose, California and is circulated around by word of mouth or through mailing list.It has been a solo project with the exception of the first zine being made with a friend in order to use the copy machine that his dad had.

As time went on, Zeke began to experiment with various layouts in order to get a feel for a flow-free zine. This zine has been published with various content with the first layout having political and environmental issues but with the later issues being more revolved around personal poems of love and life. It has been reprinted numerous times whenever a copy machine comes available.

The first issues were comprised of graffiti content to correlate to the lifestyle that Zeke was living. As maturity set in, graffiti had begun to fade out of the editions and more emphasis on writing began to take root.

There are currently 9 issues in recorded format with the latest one being released on December 12,2009.